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About Henry

Over the past several years I’ve been designing print and web products for clients and employers in DC; from an environmental non-profit to a national publisher to a high-pace creative agency.  Working with such varied organizations has served to make me an especially versatile designer—creating identities for an emerging brand, collaborating on company-wide campaigns, or designing full commercial-grade publications.


While I’m passionate about all elements of design, I am uniquely interested by typography. Much like characters in literature, film and television, I feel that each typographical character tells a story. And as an artist, I have the privilege and opportunity to create unique tales for audiences.

When I’m not designing, cooking, or bicycling through the city, I’m enjoying my days with my wife, Erin, our two beautiful daughters, Ellie and Annie, and our energetic dog, Kilo.

PHOTO CREDIT: Allan Nguyen

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